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I. Character Creation
A) There is a limit of three characters. After three months of active play in the community, a player will be allowed to have three more characters.
B) There is a limit of the type of characters a player may take, if they take three:

Option 1: 3 Canon
Option 2: 1 Canon/1 Original Character/1 AU
Option 3: 2 Canon/1 AU
Option 4: 2 Canon/1 OC.

After the player's character limit is increased, they may take any combination of AUs and OCs provided that they have at least one canon character.
C) No one can play more than one canon Doctor or more than one version of the same Time Lord/Lady.
D) Please avoid taking characters that heavily interact with one another in fandom (i.e. Rose and Mickey, Harry and Sarah Jane, Barbara and Susan). It's not forbidden, but doing so cuts into the various interactions players can have with one another.
E) You must contact the player of any character that your character is heavily involved with. For example: if you're picking up Ace, you'll want to contact the player of the seventh Doctor (if there is one). It's not up to them whether you can take the character or not, but everyone likes to know if something's going to happen that could potentially affect their character.
F) Characters from currently airing series are available, but must be frozen at the most recent episode they are picked up with. More information is available here.
G) Canon characters are not available until they have had at least one appearance. Example: Astrid from "Voyage of the Damned" was not available until after the 2007 Christmas Special had aired, but Donna Noble was available prior to Series 4 as she had already appeared at least once in canon.
H) The moderator has final discretion over all issues of character creation.

II. Original Characters
A) Any application for an original character must contain some character backstory and current description (where are they now?).
B) Original characters must have a visual representation in the community, in the form of a 100x100 pixel user icon. "Real" people (actors, singers, celebrities) are preferred over drawings, but drawings will be accepted if absolutely necessary.
C) Original characters based on a canon character are allowed. This means that we will accept applications for eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth Doctors, any Romana after the second, and so on. The same rules apply as for other OCs: where are they and how did they get there?
D) If your original character has a history in which s/he directly interacted with a major canon character, please attempt to get in touch with the player of that character to discuss the storyline before you finalize anything. If you need assistance getting in touch with any player, contact the mod.

III. Alternate Universe Characters
A) Any application for an AU character must contain some character backstory and current description, including key difference between the canon universe and the AU.
B) All AU characters must look like their canon versions (they must be portrayed by the same actors, even if in different roles).
C) Please attempt to get in touch with the player of any canon version of the character you're going to create.

IV. Game Play
A) The main community is for roleplaying threads, logs, completed documents (singularly or co-written) and in character messages.
B) Mark all R/NC-17 logs or threads appropriately and place the logs behind a cut. Please friends lock all NC-17 threads.
C) When you join you will be given a tag. Mark all threads and logs in the main community with your tag.
D) You're not limited to interacting only with characters from your character's own era. That's the whole point of the game.
E) Players are welcome and encouraged to create their own plots that other players can get involved with. However, if you plan on creating a plot that you know will affect other players' characters directly, you must contact them. Plots that would affect the entire game must be discussed with the mod first.
F) Do not play other peoples' characters for them, and don't impose character traits upon a character that don't exist. If you want a character to interact with yours, and it's just not happening, contact the player.

V. OOC Interaction
A) The OOC community is for communication between the players and between the mod and the players.
B) Any problems that come up between players should be settled between players. If that's not possible, contact the mod.
C) Repeated instances of problems between players could lead to discipline. We don't take ourselves too seriously here, honestly, what "discipline" means is that if you continually cause trouble with another player or players, you will be banned from the community. RS is a wank free zone.

VI. Inactivity
A) There's no minimum (or maximum) posting requirement. People are busy. However, if someone requests a character that's been completely inactive for a period of one month, you'll be asked to drop the character.
B) Inactive characters will be dropped from the community after a very long time (usually a matter of months), with a one week notice to the players.

VII. Chat
A) There is no official game chat. An unofficial chat, with unmoderated content, may be opened by any player at any time. More information on chat is contained in the welcome letter to new players.
B) Please avoid discussion of spoilers for any upcoming television shows or movies. If you think something might be a spoiler, it probably is. When in doubt, ask the other people in chat first.

VIII. Mod Discretion
A) The game moderator reserves the right to deny entrance to or remove anyone from the game at any time, for any reason, with no notice. No procedure is required. The decision may be appealed within two weeks.

These are subject to change at any time, so keep checking back if you're interested.
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